2015 Ford F-150 More Aggressive and Aerodynamic


The Detroit News is reporting that the all-new, all-aluminum body 2015 Ford F-150 is their most aerodynamic model yet.

For two years, engineers designed every detail of the truck’s exterior to create something that cuts down on wind, while also looking tougher than ever.“This truck needed to say boldness, toughness and efficiency,” said Brad Richards, the F-150’s exterior design manager. “We not only wanted to make this truck the toughest F-150 we’ve ever done, but we also wanted to make it as efficient as it could be as well. This was a serious challenge.”

The new F-150 also weighs 700 pounds less than the previous model, and it is rumored that the 2015 edition will manage 30 miles per gallon on the highway. Although no official numbers have been released, Ford has promised “significantly better” fuel economy.

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