47 Straight Days of Random Acts of Fusion

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Ford has done much with their Random Acts of Fusion marketing campaign, but they still aren’t done. The Ford Fusion and Random Acts of Fusion new challenge is 47 straight days of photo contests. Beginning this past Tuesday, September 18th, Ford will have a different photo contest representing the 47 MPG that the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid will get.

The contest will run until November 4th, and everyday will be a different challenge, Tuesdays challenge was to create the number 47 out of “beans”, take a photo of it and upload it.  Now i know it seems random, but the foam used in the seat cushions, seat backs, head restraints is a soy-based sustainable material, with the equivalent of approximately 31,250 soybeans. Hence why they chose “beans”. So each day will likely have a new challenge pertaining to the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The only rules to the challenge is that you must submit a photo, and every photo gets you an entry to the overall sweepstakes, and you can only submit one photo per day. There are multiple prizes that are given out daily, and a grand prize winner of an all-new 2013 Ford Fusion.  (obviously there are many other rules such as copyright rules) for full details visit http://www.randomactsoffusion.com/47days/rules .

So get your camera ready, and check http://www.randomactsoffusion.com/47days daily for your chance to submit and raise your chances of winning your very own 2013 Ford Fusion during this 47 straight days of Random Acts of Fusion.

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