5 Signature St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

We hope everyone has something green to wear to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! However, dressing up in shades of green is not the only way to celebrate the holiday. You can also celebrate by indulging your sweet tooth! Whether you are Irish or not, you are sure to love these five signature St. Patrick’s Day desserts.


Shamrock Cookies

One of the simplest ways that you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is with cookies molded into the shape of the Shamrock, a symbol associated with both St. Patrick and the country of Ireland.St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

Soda Bread

A classic afternoon treat for children in Ireland is Soda Bread. This Irish cuisine staple manages to be sweet and flavorful without being overbearing, making it a perfect option for a light dessert or snack.

Irish Potato Candies

Irish cuisine is all about potatoes! So it comes as no surprise that potatoes would be incorporated into this sweet dessert option. Other ingredients in this uniquely Irish treat include cream cheese and coconut.

Lucky Charms Cake

We admit that this dessert option is not a traditional Irish delicacy. But how can you resist creating a cake that makes use of one of the most famous and colorful cereal brands? It’s magic and delicious!

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