A National Car Care Month Spring Cleaning Checklist from Paul Obaugh Ford

Car CareThe month of April marks the true beginning of spring.

It is also National Car Care Month.

No wonder they call it spring cleaning!

Regular care and maintenance is the key to achieving the best health for your Ford vehicle.

But we also know that it can be overwhelming and stressful, which is why we have provided a National Car Care Month Spring Cleaning Checklist.

  • Hand  Wash – do not use dish soap or wash in direct sunlight
  • Inspect Undercarriage – look for rust or holes
  • Evaluate Surface – look for scratches or small chips
  • Clean Bug Splats – use safe and proper tools
  • Lubricate Locks and Hinges – use WD-40
  • Clay All Surfaces – work a clay bar over a mist of lubricant
  • Rub Out Swirls and Stains – use a dual action polisher with a safe compound
  • Apply Wax – use a safe waxing pad and compound
  • Inspect and Clean Weather Stripping – spray with silicone and wipe clean

Too busy spring cleaning the house to manage this checklist?

No problem.

The service department at Paul Obaugh Ford of Staunton Virginia can take care of any vehicle maintenance you may need.

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