Ford Works with Top Universities to Further Automated Driving Research

Ford Patners with MIT and Stanford in Automated Driving Research Efforts

Automakers are increasingly delving into the field of automated driving research. Ford introduced its automated Ford Fusion Hybrid research vehicle late last year, and the company continues to advance research in this area with help from friends at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

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“To deliver on our vision for the future of mobility, we need to work with many new partners across the public and private sectors, and we need to start today,” said Paul Mascarenas, chief technical officer and VP of Ford research and innovation. “Working with university partners like MIT and Stanford enables us to address some of the longer-term challenges surrounding automated driving while exploring more near-term solutions for delivering an even safer and more efficient driving experience.”

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Ford and MIT are working to develop algorithms that will allow automated vehicles to predict the movements of other vehicles and pedestrians, providing the vehicle with the information necessary to automatically choose the safest route.

In conjunction with Stanford researchers, Ford seeks to find ways for vehicles’ sensors to “see” around obstacles. For example, this breakthrough would make it possible for the Ford Fusion’s sensors to recognize a braking vehicle two cars away, and it would be a giant leap for automated driving research.

Though it will be some time before we see fully automated cars in production, the Ford’s commitment to improving the driving experience for customers is what makes us at Paul Obaugh Ford so proud to be your #1 local Ford dealer. Are you ready for the self-driving cars of the future?

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