Driving a Truck in the Snow

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Whether you’re driving a truck with four-wheel, all-wheel, or two-wheel drive, there are things all truck drivers should think about when driving on wet and icy roads. If you’re driving a truck in the snow, here are some tips to make your drive safer and easier.

Many trucks have rear-wheel drive, which gives you more steering control when towing a trailer but not so much on snowy roads. If you have a truck with RWD, take corners extremely slowly, and if you start to slide around on the road, don’t brake—this will just make your back wheels lose traction too. Steer into it and you’ll eventually regain control.

If you have 4WD, you have better traction on snow already, but that doesn’t mean you’re totally safe. If you take a curve too fast on wet roads, your front end can corkscrew, so go slow on turns. It’s also a good idea to go into 2WD mode when going downhill, since taking it slow with 4×4 enabled can cause the front tires to spin.

Finally, no matter what kind of drivetrain you have, it won’t help you if you’re driving too fast. You always need more room to stop on slick surfaces, so give yourself more time to brake, slow it down, and drive carefully.

Driving a truck in the snow

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