Ford Adds ‘Slacker Radio’ to Growing List of SYNC Apps

Slacker Radio Smartphone App Compatible with SYNC AppLinkThe SYNC system that is available in new Ford and Lincoln cars, is one of the most highly rated infotainment systems on the market. One of the beauties of the system is that it allows users to access and control compatible smartphone apps via voice-recognition technology. Ford has just announced a new partnership that should help give the SYNC system a healthy boost.

Ford has just added the popular internet radio app Slacker Radio to its growing list of compatible apps, making them the first automaker to integrate the new service. Slacker Radio lays claim to having a music catalog that’s 10 times larger than its leading competitor. The unique experience Slacker Radio brings is best summed up by Steve Cotter, senior vice president for business development at Slacker Radio, “Slacker listeners can create their own custom stations by selecting their favorite artists and songs, or listen to any of more than 150 stations curated by expert DJs who love the music they play.

“When they’re not in the mood for music, Slacker listeners can tune in to a wide variety of personalized talk content including personalized comedy, ABC News and ESPN Radio stations.”

With the power of SYNC, Ford users can control all these features with either voice or audio-system controls. This is a huge win for Ford and brings the SYNC system to the next level.

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