Ford and 3D Systems Create Chocolate Mustangs

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Ford Makes Chocolate MustangsValentine’s Day is over now, but why let that stop you from indulging in a delicious chocolate treat? You shouldn’t – especially when that treat comes in the form of chocolate Mustangs. That’s right, chocolate + 2015 Ford Mustang. Can you imagine a more winning combination?

Recently, Ford partnered with 3D Systems to create the world’s first edible 3D-printed cars. The company produced both chocolate and sugar candy versions with incredible detail at only a four-inch scale.

“Ford Mustang and chocolate is a recipe for success,” Ford product licensing manager Mark Bentley said in a statement. “It is so exciting to see how these technologies enable a new way of telling a brand story.”

So what kind of delicious magic goes into creating chocolate Mustangs? It’s all about 3D printing; the printer lays down a thin layer of the desired powder, either cocoa or sugar, and then applies a small amount of water. This allows the sugar or cocoa to crystallize and harden. This process is repeated until the final oh-so-sweet product is yielded.

Unfortunately, Ford won’t be selling these delicious Mustang confections as they were just created for a Valentine’s Day marketing event. But, Ford could license the application so that consumers who have their own 3D printer could make these at home. (Yes, please!)

Mmmmmm, chocolate Mustangs! If these little beauties are made available for the pony car-loving public, we might just have to have a few on hand here at Paul Obaugh Ford for next Valentine’s Day! Here’s to hoping, romantics!

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