Ford Announces Release of Next Generation S-Max in Europe


Every now and then, the European market gets a car that we can only hope will end up on U.S. soil. This year, this car happens to be the Ford S-Max. With a combination of space and style, the S-Max offers the best of both the sedan and minivan segment, but only to those in Europe. While you might think that the lack of an American S-Max is bad enough, Ford is about to make it even more difficult with the release of the next generation S-Max at the Paris Motor Show this October.

“S-Max struck a chord with customers all over Europe—people who need space and practicality but who could never picture themselves in a typical family hauler,” said Stephen Odell, Ford executive vice president of Europe, Middle East, and Africa. “The all-new S-Max takes this no-compromise ethos to new levels with a stunning design, cool technology, and dynamic driving experience.”

The Ford S-Max combines the ability to seat seven passengers with the choice of a powerful EcoBoost gasoline-turbocharged or turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine. It has a variety of technologies, such as Dynamic LED Headlamps with Glare-Free high beams and Adaptive Steering, which make the ride more pleasant than ever before—and Americans more jealous!

While we might never see the next generation S-Max here in the U.S., Paul Obaugh Ford still has plenty of great family cars to offer you. Make sure you stop in to our dealership today and check out your options!

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