Ford Begins Testing on Right-Hand Drive Mustang

Right-Hand Drive Mustang

For decades, the Ford Mustang has been a global best seller. Now, Ford has decided to make the iconic muscle car even more globally appealing by introducing the first-ever right-hand-drive Mustang to Ford’s global lineup. With production of this special Mustang recently completed by the American carmaker, the new car has begun testing to prepare the car for sale.


Though the Ford Mustang continues to be the most popular in the United States with more than 9.2 sales since its debut in 1964, 161,000 Mustangs have been sold globally, in countries ranging from the United Arab Emirates to the Philippines. AutoScout24 has even voted the popular muscle car “Europe’s Most Wanted Classic Car,” showing that the right-hand drive Mustang will be a popular car in the European market.


With this new addition to the Ford family, the Mustang will be exported to more than 25 right-hand-drive markets around the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa. The sixth-generation Mustang is set to enter dealerships soon, so keep an eye on Paul Obaugh Ford for its arrival!

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