Ford Develops a New Aerating Process for Lighter Parts

Wouldn’t you have loved a Valentine present from Ford!  Ford Motor Co. pulled a nifty marketing trick this Valentine’s Day to draw attention to the company’s new aeration process.  They sent aerated chocolate to people with press releases talking about the process they use on their cars.

ChocolateThe aeration process, for both chocolate and plastic car parts, makes a lighter material that is just as strong.  The process involves a “supercritical fluid”, which is a high temperature and pressure gas, mixed with plastic.  When mixed, air pockets are created in the plastic.  Once it has been frozen, a fully functional part is created that is lighter, which will help increase fuel economy, and is cheaper, which means more money in your pockets.

Since this is a new process, the only model using the aerated plastic is the Escape for parts of the dashboard.  The plastic does not come out looking very attractive; so for now, only parts that can’t be seen are made using this process.

Our staff, Paul Obaugh Ford, can’t wait until the new Escape rolls into our dealership, with its new aerated plastic dashboard.

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