Ford EcoBoost Challenge Giveaway

Ford EcoBoostThe Ford EcoBoost has become a pretty big deal.

And, it is only growing in popularity.

First introduced about four years ago, Ford sold over 334,000 EcoBoost-equipped vehicles just last year – which is over one-and-a-half times the number sold in 2011.

Featuring technology like direct-injection and turbocharging, the Ford EcoBoost boasts the power of a large engine and the fuel efficiency of a small engine.

Ford promises to Go Further and, with the EcoBoost, there are no compromises. You do not have to sacrifice space, style, technology or performance just to achieve better fuel economy.

At Ford, we say and, not or.

Anyways, enough about the Ford EcoBoost.

You can learn more on your way to a chance to win a new 2013 Ford vehicle.

Watch one to ten of the EcoBoost Challenge videos and then enter your information.

That’s right – you have up to ten chances to win a 2013 Ford, C-Max Hybrid, Edge, Escape, Explorer, F-150, Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Mustang or Taurus – all equipped with Ford EcoBoost!

Paul Obaugh Ford encourages residents of the Staunton Virginia area to enter. In the meantime, stop by to preview or test drive these fuel-efficient rides.

We don’t mind – after all, some of our Ford EcoBoost vehicles get up to 40 miles to the gallon.

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