Ford F-150 and Mustang Boss 302 win Lifestyle Awards

2011 Ford F-150Each year puts out their Lifestyle Awards, which gives awards to cars in categories that are closer to buyers uses of those models. It doesn’t necessarily care about whether the car is a luxury model, a coupe, or a sedan, but rather how that car is intended to be used in every day life.

This year the Ford F-150 and the Ford Mustang Boss 302 took home awards in two different categories. The F-150 truck won the Work Car of the Year, while the Boss 302 took home honors for Play Car of the Year. said “We’ve liked the Mustang’s blend of raw power and handling prowess. Those qualities have been relentlessly honed in the Boss 302, and we’re suitably impressed.”

The F-150 won for Work Car of the Year because, “If you need your work truck to do double duty, the F-150 has you covered.” It tops the class “because it has stayed fresh and evolved with the market.”

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