Ford F-150 with EcoBoost Saves Customers Millions of Gallons at the Pump

Ford F-150In less than three years, the Ford F-150 with EcoBoost has sold 400,000 units in the United States. If you haven’t bought one of those 400,000 units and are looking for a truck that won’t break the bank every time you fill the tank, you will definitely want to take a closer look at the F-150 EcoBoost.

Here at Paul Obaugh Ford, we know our customers want their trucks built tough as only Ford can. With the F-150 EcoBoost, we can deliver that same quality while offering unmatched fuel savings and promoting environmental friendliness.

F-150 EcoBoost owners save an estimated 45 million gallons of gasoline each year. That’s more fuel savings than the electrified, plug-in vehicles of Ford’s competitors whose trucks the F-150 EcoBoost can still out-tow by 1,000 pounds.

“Ford is delivering great fuel economy across our lineup, from EcoBoost in our F-150 and 15 other vehicles to our electrified vehicles,” said Ford’s truck group marketing manager, Doug Scott. “Fuel economy is the No. 1 unmet need for truck customers, which is why the F-150 EcoBoost’s leading combination of fuel economy and capability is resonating so well.”

Don’t waste your gas or your hard earned money. Drive straight to Paul Obaugh Ford today for your F-150 with EcoBoost.

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