Ford Is Capturing the Police Market with the Police Interceptor

Not too long ago, Ford had an unbeatable presence among law enforcement agencies across the country with the police version of the Crown Victoria. But, when that sedan went out of production, many agencies turned elsewhere. Now, Ford is capturing the police market once again with its powerful Police Interceptor offerings—law enforcement agencies can choose between a classic sedan Police Interceptor and a bigger, brawnier Utility version.

Agencies across the country love the Police Interceptor Utility. In fact, since it was introduced in 2012, Ford has regained 61% of the law enforcement market.

capturing the police market

“It’s been amazing to watch the transition from the Crown Victoria, which was universally loved and trusted, to the new Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility lineup,” said Raj Sarkar, general marketing manager, Ford North American Fleet, Lease and Remarketing operations, in a statement.

What makes the Police Interceptor lineup stand out is the fact that the Utility version is the only pursuit-rated midsize utility available to law enforcement, and both the sedan and utility are the only pursuit-rated vehicles with standard all-wheel drive.

We’re loving these models here at Paul Obaugh Ford! The next time you see some flashing red lights behind you, it will very likely have a blue oval on the front.

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