Ford Launches No-Cost Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee


Need new brake pads but scared of the cost? No worries! Ford has launched a new point-of-sale program called “Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee” that allows customers to get free Motorcraft brake pad replacements on any Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury passenger vehicles.

All customers are eligible for the replacement as long as they actually own the vehicle and their Motorcraft brake pads have worn down to less than three millimeters (0.118 inches). However, labor and installation costs for replacing the brakes will still be owed.

You can get your free replacement at any Ford and Lincoln dealership and Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centers, including Paul Obaugh Ford.

Some commercial vehicles are also eligible for the program, excluding taxi, limousine, postal, police, towing, or emergency vehicles.

“This program reflects our commitment to providing customers with an excellent ownership experience regardless of the age of their vehicle,” said Frederiek Toney, vice president, Ford Motor Company and president, Ford Customer Service. “Plus, when you purchase Motorcraft parts at a Ford or Lincoln dealer, or a Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center, you know you’re getting the right parts installed by the right people.”

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