Ford lays out details for fixing fire-risk on 1.6-Liter EcoBoost engines

Ford has finally announced that it has determined the issue and has worked up the recall repair order for the engine fires that resulted in mass recalls on 2013 Ford Escape and 2013 Ford Fusion models equipped with the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine. Ford found that the fires were being caused by an issue with the cooling system software that failed to properly manage engine temperatures during “unique overheating conditions”, which in these conditions the cooling system would allow the engine to get hot enough to start a fire while running. This is now the third explanation for the engine fires, the other two explanations were faulty fuel lines thought to be the issue in July, and leaking coolant which was the issue in September. Though both of the former issues could be potentially created by the extreme heat that the cooling system is allowing.

To prevent the excess heat, Ford is using the recall to update the software on the cooling systems. Ford warns to any current owners, that they should contact the dealer and arrange alternative transportation and should not drive their EcoBoost 1.6-liter vehicle until this update has been performed.

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