Ford Mustang- A little more Pony Car

We left off last time barely grazing the beginning of the Ford Mustang’s rich and interesting history. With so much information on the american icon and so many people interested in the legend there is only one thing to do.. keep going! So hold on to your seats because here we go!

The 1965 model of the Mustang brought about very few changes. The most notable change was the availability of the new “Fastback” model. This fastback model became the basis for another version of the Mustang that would become another Legend all in it’s own, the Carroll Shelby GT350. Not to just blow over the story of the Mustang Shelby GT350 but that’s a story for another day. Almost all of the 1965 Ford Mustang engines were improved with added Horsepower and Torque, as well as upgrades and modification to make the car more efficient. Another addition to the Mustang in 1965 was the introduction of the GT series. The new GT series was more racing geared and directed to the younger more enthusiast fans of the Mustang. In 1965 more than a half a million Mustangs were produced!

1966 brought about even fewer changes. The biggest changes for the 1966 Mustang were all cosmetic. A new grille of horizontal inserts, replaced the honeycomb grille of 1965. They also removed the chrome bars from the running horse in the grille. As well as removing the running horse from the fuel cap. The interior color and style had them been bumped up to thirty four different options, giving the buyer even more ways to personalize their Mustang. For 1966, the Mustang production raised even more, now producing 607,568 units for the year!

Now that we have touched on a couple more models, we have to say goodbye till next week. So see you soon for more information on everyone’s favorite Ford.

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