The Ford Mustang In Bullitt: Larger Than Life

Why did the Ford Mustang in Bullitt, an American action film that came out in 1968, become so iconic? It could have been because Steve McQueen was the one racing it around, one of America’s coolest film actors at the time. Or, perhaps, because the chase scenes are so well-filmed and so memorable. What we can be sure of is that filmmakers had the right recipe and the film, along with the car now known as the Ford Mustang Bullitt, struck a perfect chord that has resonated with Mustang enthusiasts and film buffs ever since.

Ford Mustang In Bullitt

1968 Ford Mustang GT

More specifically, the iconic Bullitt muscle car was a 1968 Ford Mustang GT with a 390 cubic inch V8 engine. It had to be stripped of some of its identifiers for the film, like the driving lights and the pony emblem, to give it more of a “stealthy appearance.”

Other fascinating facts from the filming of Bullitt are plentiful. For instance, there were actually two Mustang GTs on set for filming; one was destroyed during the shoot. The surviving car is still out there somewhere today, location unknown. During the chase scene where speeds reached over 110mph, concerned citizens called the police, but as far as we know, no arrests were made.

Today’s 2015 Mustang GT is faster, safer, and more efficient than the ’68 and shares many of the same design features. Test drive this seriously cool car at Paul Obaugh Ford to get an idea of why the Mustang was chosen to be a movie star.

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