Ford Now Offering Nine 40+ MPG Cars

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2012 Ford Focus SFE with over 40 MPGThe race to fuel efficiency supremacy is official on. One of the biggest areas of pride for many manufacturers is the overall fuel efficiency of their vehicle line up. This was, in many ways, the one, singular issue that brought down the gas guzzling giant Hummer, just a few short years ago.

Today there is a small, but growing, club of 40+ MPG cars. Every vehicle who meets this simple requirement is in, no matter how it is done. Hybrids. Electric cars. Diesel engines. Every vehicle type is included. After years of research and product development, including the EcoBoost engine, and the Focus Electric, Ford now offers 9 vehicles that get over 40 miles per gallon.

After the recession and the giant pullback in the automotive industry, Ford, along with many manufacturers, knew they needed to refocus their efforts on developing more fuel efficient models. Ford was one company that really took their new focus to heart, upgrading and changing numerous models every year to make them more aerodynamic and adding smaller turbocharged engines which provide power without sacrificing fuel economy.

Now to the important part. Which models get over 40 miles per gallon. Of course your smaller, compact and subcompact models like the Focus SE with SFE and Fiesta SE with SFE are in the mix, but even the large sedan, the Fusion Hybrid comes into play for Ford. Then you have a few of the new electric models that have yet to hit the market, including the 2013 Fusion Energi and the 2012 Focus Electric, being all electric these models deliver incredible eMPG. With the planned addition of the EcoBoost engine into a few newer models, and adding different levels of the engine to existing models, Ford will have 9 vehicles that get over 40 MPG by later this year or early next year. There aren’t many manufacturers that can say that.

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