Ford Sneaks 2015 Mustang into “Need for Speed” Movie

2015 Mustang to Star in "Need for Speed"Did you know that in 1964 before the Ford Mustang had even been unveiled to the public, it played a fairly important role in the James Bond movie, Goldfinger?

In an interview with Octane magazine in 2009, Tania Mallet (the driver in the clip above) said, “It was a huge coup for Ford. The car was sent from America, and when it arrived on set it was still wrapped up so that no one could see what it looked liked.”

Ford has set the Mustang up for silver screen stardom yet again – this time with the 2015 Mustang in Need for Speed. Of course, we all already know what the 2015 Mustang looks like, but Need for Speed was filmed six months before the Mustang’s official debut. This made the Mustang’s presence on set a tightly guarded secret which required high-security precautions.

“Being in these movies is core to what this car is,” says Mustang chief engineer Dave Pericak, in speaking with Car and Driver. “It continues this legacy of the emotion people have with the Mustang.”

Pericak says that they had local law enforcement close off the area for five miles around the filming site. They also covered the Mustang whenever it wasn’t on-camera. The 2015 Mustang plays a role in the film that is apparently short and sweet at the end of the movie. So, when you go to see it, keep your eyes open for the cherry red 2015 Mustang!

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