Ford Social Strategy, a battle plan

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Social MediaChances are you’ve seen the work of Scott Monty.

Monty is the Global Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager for Ford Motor Company.

In other words, he is the mastermind behind all of the social media that has been seeping into every aspect of the business strategy of the automobile manufacturer.

The work of Monty has been exalted by many. Forbes ranked him among its Top 10 Social Media Influencers. He has been described as “an unstoppable force of nature.” Many claim that he is the “best corporate social media lead on the planet.” And, Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally has called Monty a “visionary.”

So, it would only make sense that the keynote speaker for the Internet Battle Plan be none other than Scott Monty.

Chosen by its founder and co-keynote speaker Jim Ziegler, Monty will speak at the Internet Battle Plan XIII from April 16, 2013 to April 18, 2013 at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Detroit Michigan, where him and 18 other automotive marketing professionals, including Ziegler, will guide attendees in a direction to maximize efficiency, integration and profitability of their dealerships.

With his expertise in converting online relationships to sales and profits, Monty will offer hands-on and real-world techniques and strategies to intersect advertising, marketing and PR through social media to dominate in the industry.

Essentially, Monty will offer a step-by-step battle plan.

Other automotive industry marketing professionals will include Sean V. Bradley, Ray Fenster, Rachel Haro, Elise Kephart, Peter Martin, Gary May, Cory Mosley, Dave Page, Yago Paramo, Ed Parkinson, Brian Pasch, Paul Potratz, Matt Redden, David Regn, Robert Revere, Myril Shaw and Jerry Thibeau.

Local Staunton Virginia dealership, Paul Obaugh Ford, is proud of its Global Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager Scott Monty.

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