Ford Supports Spark!Lab

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Ford doesn’t just have to be about cars, it can be about science, too! Ford is bringing innovation and creativity to the new generation. With the help of Ford Motor Company Fund, the Michigan Science Center will host Michigan’s first Smithsonian exhibit – Spark!Lab.

Ford Supports Spark!Lab

With the support of Ford Motor Company Fund, Spark!Lab will engage children and families in the invention process through science experiments, games, activities and special programs.

Spark!Lab is full of hands-on activities. It’s meant to help fuel creative thinking and encourage people of all ages to try kinesthetic learning (or hands-on learning). Both children and families can participate in science experiments, games and programs.

It gets better: if you’ll be in the Michigan area this year, Ford will be sponsoring four free Ford Fund Days, which means you can go participate for free!

“Spark!Lab allows children and families to interact and experience the joy that comes with learning, while introducing a new world of educational and career possibilities,” said Jim Vella, president of Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services.

Ford definitely made a good choice in supporting Spark!Lab. It encourages participation in important STEM subjects and even helps to find and train the technical workforce of the future years. Spark!Lab approaches it from a fun and participatory standpoint. Go check it out!

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