Ford Sustainability Report Highlights

Ford continually strives to change the way the world sees automotive manufacturers. The latest Ford Sustainability Report was recently released, and it highlights the numerous achievements Ford has accomplished in becoming an environmentally friendly company, as well as the ways in which they’re changing the game to make way for a better future.

Ford Sustainability Report

Reducing Global Waste – Ford has reduced their overall global waste-to-landfill, as the Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly Plant achieved zero waste-to-landfill status earlier this year. In fact, Ford Plants in Mexico have reduced their landfill waste by 1.5 million pounds and are on track to reduce total waste of vehicles produced from 2011 to 2016 by 40% globally.

Reducing CO2 Emissions – Ford is striving to reduce their global CO2 emissions by 30% per vehicle produced by 2025. Through 2014, CO2 emissions per vehicle were reduced by 2.4%, staying right on track to achieving their ultimate goal.

Reducing Water Consumption – Ford actually reached this goal two years early, having reduced water used per vehicle by 30% in 2009.

Sustainable Materials – One of the biggest goals set by Ford was to stay committed to sustainable materials. Ford utilizes an industry-exclusive REPREVE fiber that saves the equivalent of 5 million plastic water bottles from making their way to landfills. The material is made from recycled plastic and is now used in the all-new 2015 F-150.

Ford Smart Mobility Plan – Ford has set up global experiments all over in order to test new ideas to plan for trends and transportation/mobility challenges we may face in the future.


We here at Paul Obaugh Ford are extremely proud to represent the Ford brand and strive to reach our own goals in reducing our overall environmental impact. For more information about the Ford Sustainability Report, click here!

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