Ford’s Autonomous Vehicles Arriving Within Five Years

Ford Logo - Staunton, VA

Automakers from around the globe have been researching and developing the technology needed to create fully autonomous vehicles. With a recent announcement in Palo Alto, California, Ford has signaled that it may be ready to lead the pack. Ford’s autonomous vehicles will arrive by 2021 as fully-functional vehicles.

Ford’s autonomous program expects to bring fully autonomous cars to ride sharing services to kick off the world of autonomous vehicles. Those vehicles will lack a steering wheel and pedals, effectively eliminating the driver from the ride sharing equation.

That’s a bold move to say the least but there’s a reason Ford’s autonomous vehicles will head to ride sharing services first.

The technology behind autonomous vehicles is expensive, and most individual drivers couldn’t afford it. As a result, personal autonomous vehicles are expected to arrive a few years after the self-driving models make it to ride sharing services.

Ford is partnering with technology companies to advance algorithms, 3D mapping, radar and camera sensors, and much more. The American automaker is also planning to expand its Research and Innovation Center by adding two new building. The current Palo Alto team consists of 150 researchers and Ford plans to double that number by 2017.

Now that’s serious dedication!

Here at Paul Obaugh Ford, we can’t wait for the arrival of Ford’s autonomous vehicles!

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