Ford’s Recycled Fabric Seats

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It turns out that if you take a spin in a 2013 Ford Fusion, you will be sitting on recycled plastic bottles or industrial waste.

This is no new concept as the 2008 Escape Hybrid was actually the first Ford with a seat made entirely from recycled yarn.

The 2013 Ford Fusion, however, is the first to do so globally – from any automaker.

Ford did not use any recycled materials to produce its seat fabrics in 2007. In just six years, however, the automaker has seen a 66 percent increase of this process in North American vehicle programs.

And, a declaration was made in 2009 that any new seat fabric must be at least 25 percent recycled materials.

The Ford Focus Electric and the Ford Fusion Hybrid SE feature 100 percent recycled seat fabric, and Ford hopes this is the case for all of its vehicles eventually.

Utilizing recycled materials in fabric could eliminate the use of toxic dyes, help conserve water and reduce the amount of waste-to-landfill, greenhouse gases and energy consumption overall.

Ford believes 1.5 million yards of fabric could be manufactured each year from recycled materials like plastic bottles and other industrial waste.

It looks like Paul Obaugh Ford of Staunton Virginia has another reason to recycle our water bottles!

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