Fun Facts about Leap Years

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Fun Facts about Leap YearsLeap Year’s back again after four years! If you’ve ever wondered why we have leap years or what just makes them so special (besides the whole every four years thing,) here are some fun facts about leap years:

Why do we have it? Leap years are needed so that they align our modern day calendar with the solar year. If we didn’t add a leap year every four years, that means we would lose 6 hours from our calendar each year. This would mean that every 100 years, it would be out of line by 24 days.


Fun Facts:

In 1592, Pope Gregory XIII adjusted the calendar to the one we use today. He moved the leap day forward by 11 days and added the rule that it can only be a leap year if it’s divisible by 400.

An old Irish legend is what caused the current tradition in the UK of women proposing on leap year, and it’s still done often today.

If a baby is born on February 29th, there’s no set date for when they celebrate their birthday on non-leap years. Some celebrate on February 28th and others on March 1st.

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