Fun Summer Activities

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Having fun under the sun is just what many Americans love to do once summer finally rolls around. Check out some of these fun summer activities recommended by us here at Paul Obaugh Ford!

Take a Drive

take a drive in a convertible

Roll the windows down and drop the top (if you have a convertible) and enjoy a ride on the backroads. The fresh air, open land, and interesting small, cozy towns could make for a fantastic trip that you’ll want to experience again and again. Taking a drive under the summer sun is no longer expensive thanks to more efficient engines!

Visit a Farmers Market

visit a farmer's market fun summer activities

There are few places that offer fresher produce than what can be found at a local farmers market. From corn to potatoes and more, a farmers market is a one-stop shop for many health-conscious individuals. You’ll have to get up a little earlier, but enjoying the crisp summer morning air and affordable prices are well worth it!

Sleep in a Hammock

sleep in a hammock as a fun summer activity

Napping under the summer sun in a hammock is a great way to pass the time. While many sleepy summer enthusiasts will place the hammock under a tree or in another shady area to avoid sunburn, the more adventurous will set up camp on a porch or in the middle of a yard. Make sure to apply sunscreen if you fall under the latter category!

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