Happy 50th Birthday to the Iconic Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Turns 50 Years Old

Today is a very special day to all of us here at Paul Obaugh Ford and to Ford Mustang lovers all over the world as it marks the Pony Car’s 50th anniversary!

Our favorite carmaker celebrated in true over-the-top and totally perfect fashion by showcasing a 2015 edition of the Mustang atop the famously tall Empire State Building. We think this is pretty fitting because just like the Empire State Building is an instantly noticeable staple of the New York City skyline, the Ford Mustang is just as large a part of our nation’s automotive history and success.

It feels quite right to go back to where it all started for the Pony Car in 1964 when it made its world debut at the World’s Fair again on top of the Empire State Building. This time of course, Ford’s beauty on top of the world was a limited edition 50th anniversary Mustang. To us, this was truly the highlight of this week’s 2014 New York International Auto Show, and we’re confident most people would agree.

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A mere 1,694 special 50th anniversary Ford Mustang editions will be produced, and while they will invoke the styling and emotions of the original ‘Stang, they’ll undoubtedly boast an enormous price tag. For the true Mustang collector, it’ll likely be worth it.

What would you be willing to pay for the 50th anniversary Ford Mustang?

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