JD Power and Associates Avoider Study Reveals Growing Importance of Interior Design

JD Power and Associates Avoider Study

Ford Motor Company is definitely the kind of company that has their ear to the ground. That’s why you’ve seen them put a greater and greater focus on the interior design of their lineup.

Interior design is just one of many areas that buyers focus on when purchasing a vehicle, but it’s becoming a very important one, just look at the latest results of JD Power and Associates Avoider Study for 2015. As Motley Fool reports, 17% of the time that consumers walk away or avoid the purchase of a vehicle is because they don’t like the design of the interior.

Ford is hip to these changes in consumer preference. In a press release, Raj Nair, Ford Motor Company group vice president, Global Product Development, said, “Vehicle interiors have witnessed one of the biggest evolutions across the history of cars in recent years.”

So what is Ford doing specifically to address this trend?  They are adding:

  • New technology
  • Better materials
  • Improved design
  • Increased features (from top to bottom trims)

You can bet as preferences continue to shift in the future, Ford will continue to stay focused and sensitive to these changes. Stay tuned with us here at Paul Obaugh Ford for even more updates to Ford technology.

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