Just Another Reason to Drive a Plug-In Electric Vehicle

ChargingWe all know that there are countless advantages to driving plug-in electric vehicles.

At about the equivalent of one dollar per gallon, it certainly costs less to fuel up.

Of course, it is friendlier to our environment.

And, the biggest benefit, by far, is its convenience – the ability to fuel up at the comfort of your own home.

So, then, why isn’t everyone driving a, say, Ford Fusion or Ford C-Max?

Well, in today’s world, where at least half of our days are spent at work and at least one-fourth of it is spent running errands all over town, maybe charging at home isn’t so convenient after all.

That is what the United States Energy Department is trying to change with its EV Everywhere Grand Challenge, whose mission is to not only make plug-in electric vehicles more affordable, but also more convenient.

And, Ford is one of the thirteen American employers joining the Workplace Charging Challenge in an effort to make this happen.

Ford, along with 3M, Chrysler, Duke Energy, Eli Lilly, Ford, GE, GM, Google, Nissan, San Diego Gas and Electric, Siemens, Tesla, and Verizon, has made a pledge to install a workplace charging station that would accommodate the needs of at least one of its major locations.

The eight stakeholders under the Ambassador Pledge responsible for promoting the initiative include California PEV Collaborative, CALSTAR, Electric Drive Transportation Association, Electrification Coalition, International Parking Institute, NextEnergy, Plug In American, and Rocky Mountain Institute.

And, quite frankly, having installed over 1,750 charging infrastructures throughout its campuses and dealerships, Ford is already on its way to fulfill that pledge.

Local Staunton Virginia dealership, Paul Obaugh Ford, is excited for the results of this initiative.

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