How to Keep Your Car Clean in the Winter

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Keep Your Car Clean

Winter isn’t exactly the cleanest time of year for cars, especially once cold weather strikes with an iron fist. The weather will be warming up in the coming months, but you can still keep your car clean in the meantime; here are a few tips to help you keep your car clean during the winter.

Invest in Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are a cheap and effective way to protect your Ford’s carpet. After all, whatever is on your feet when you get into the vehicle likely gets left on the mats. That means road salt, debris, and soon-to-be-melted snow will all leave their mark by winter’s end. Fortunately, rubber floor mats trap the debris and melting snow to prevent it from ruining the carpet. After winter, or during warmer weather, simply take the rubber mats out of the car and shake them outside.

Remove the Trash

Thanks to the cold winter weather, drivers have a tendency to leave trash and debris inside their car as they rush into a warm building. Whether you’re heading home or to work, it’s worth collecting the trash in your car once you arrive. Disposing of it frequently prevents having to take a trash bag to your vehicle later on.

Wash as Often as Possible

While the cold weather isn’t ideal to wash your vehicle, the weather does warm up every now and then. Those days present the perfect opportunity to take your vehicle to a local car wash. Ridding your car of dirt, grime, and road salt is pertinent to protecting its paint.

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