Lucy Pet Products Sets World Record with Rose Parade Float Powered by Ford

Lucy Pet Products set a world record at the annual Rose Parade for the world’s longest and heaviest float, which was powered by Ford. Pulled by a 6.8-liter V10 Ford truck engine, the 2017 Rose Parade float weighed 137,000 lb, plus 8,000 gallons of water, and was 125 feet long.

The float was also a favorite at the parade, not just because of its size but because of its comical and adorable concept. Winning the Extraordinaire Trophy, the Lucy Pet Products float included a 90-foot wave pool, in which dogs on surfboards were transported back and forth by a cable car system.

You read that right: surfing dogs. If you haven’t seen the float, head to YouTube right now to check it out. Al Roker’s reaction to the float is worth it even if you aren’t into the surfing dogs.

The Lucy Pet Foundation is a mobile pet adoption shelter and spay and neuter clinic that operates in major cities across the US. The foundation spayed and neutered 4,000 pets in 2016 and aims to hugely increase the number this year, with a single mobile clinic able to perform 6,000 surgeries. By the third year, the mass spaying and neutering will prevent suffering for 500,000 animals in one community thanks to the limiting of new animals being born.

2017 Rose Parade float

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