Miss Gymkhana? Ford Europe presents Lego sized Snowkhana One

Ken Block, the drift master himself, was featured in many Gymkhana videos this summer, featuring him and the new Ford Fiesta making child’s play of the streets of San Francisco. Well Ford Europe decided they were going through withdraws or the amazing deeds that Ken Block was creating, and decided to make a winter version of their own. Only this time it was more of a city block sized for ants.

Members of the Ford Europe team found a matchbox replica version of the Ford Fiesta used by Ken Block, and created their own world using some Lego pieces and many more craft items, and the result is a stop-motion winterized Gymkhana now being called Snowkhana One.

In this set, the No. 43 Fiesta makes its past the most formidable foes including a Stormtrooper, local police, and even the might of the Abominable Snowman. Lets just say they also made it a very festive video with a cameo from a jolly fat man in a red suit. But with all the right sound effects, and creativity, this is a video that is sure to at least bring a smile to your face.

Check out the Snowkhana One video below.

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