New Ford GT Crowns Ford’s Decade of Performance Car Greatness

New Ford GT

The Ford Motor Company is releasing an unprecedented deluge of excellent performance vehicles all across their lineup this decade—in fact, a total of twelve new performance vehicles will hit the market by 2020. However, here at Paul Obaugh Ford, we would be hard-pressed to find a better performance option than the new Ford GT, the crown jewel of all these performance vehicles.

“We designed it as a race car first, and then we figured out how to put a license plate on it,” a Ford spokesperson says in a video from XCAR. The Ford GT, in fact, is so great that it will challenge vehicles from brands as prestigious as Ferrari. With the best power-to-weight ratio of any car in the world at over six hundred horsepower, an incredibly sleek exterior design, and much more, it’s no wonder that the GT is in such elite company.

The GT also makes extensive use of carbon-fiber, which will perhaps extend all the way to its wheels. Even though the GT prototype debuted with aluminum wheels, Ford left the door open for carbon fiber additions later on. The GT also has a great rear spoiler, Brembo brakes, an excellent suspension system, and much more, giving it a great driving dynamic as well. Come see us at Paul Obaugh Ford to learn more! Are you ready?

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