New Ford Police Interceptor Debut Ready For Chicago Show

Ford is looking to spice things up at the Chicago Auto Show this month, and the carmaker is going about it in an unexpected way. While auto shows are normally the perfect platform to debut innovative, futuristic concept cars, Ford is instead introducing a vehicle that is sure to make criminals run away—the new Ford Police Interceptor.

While the American carmaker has released little information about its latest Police Interceptor, it has released a teaser photo. The photo highlights the SUV’s red and blue lights, along with a wide, muscular stance that is likely to make you shake in your boots a bit if you get pulled over. It’s likely that this Interceptor will reflect the updated Ford Explorer’s design, with a variety of cop-oriented improvements that will make it even more beloved in the police community.

The new Ford Police Interceptor debut is scheduled for tomorrow, so make sure you check back to Paul Obaugh Ford for an update on the intimidating new vehicle’s arrival.

UPDATE 2/16/15:
Here is the beautiful Interceptor making its debut!

Ford Police Interceptor

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