New Year’s Driving Tips: Staying Safe on the Holiday

New Year's Eve - Staunton, VA

Drive safely this New Year’s!

New Year’s is a great time for everyone, with celebrations, shows, and time with the family. However, this is also one of the most dangerous holidays of the year. Not only does traffic tend to be busier than the almost all other times, but there is also an increase in drunk driving accidents. If you plan on celebrating New Year’s, be sure to read some of these tips.

The first New Year’s driving tip is simply not to drink and drive. It seems obvious, but it can’t hurt to have a reminder. If you plan on drinking, be sure to have a designated driver or to take a cab. Even if you have one drink, it can still be very dangerous to drive. According to the Huffington Post, alcohol slows your reaction time and makes you tired—a bad combination for driving.

Next, understand that the only way to get sober is to wait. Some people insist that a cold shower or hot coffee will magically lower the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream—it simply isn’t true. The only way to sober up is to wait. Your body will naturally breakdown alcohol over time. For most people, more than one drink (one beer, one shot, or one glass of wine) puts them over the legal limit.

Finally, if you are a designated driver, don’t let others distract you. Set ground rules, including buckling up and not getting too rowdy. If someone looks too intoxicated to ride along, call a cab and wait with them. When they sober up, they’ll thank you. If you notice a drunk driver swerving or speeding, be sure to pull over and put distance between yourself and the other driver.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind for New Year’s. Of course, don’t forget to have a good time and be safe!

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