Outdoor Fall Activities To Keep the Kids Active

Once school is back in session and the weather starts to cool off, it can be tough to get the little ones outside and motivated to exercise. However, there are a lot of fun outdoor fall activities you can do as a family to keep your kids active.

Jumping in Leaves

An old favorite for a reason, this is also a great way to trick your kids into cleaning – have them rake the leaves, then jump in the leaf piles!

Sidewalk Chalk

Summer can be too sticky and hot to stay outside for too long, but fall is the perfect temperature. Hand the kids some sidewalk chalk and encourage them to decorate the driveway with cool pictures.

Feeding Ducks

Catch the ducks while they’re migrating at your local lake. Just remember to feed the ducks seeds or other safe foods, because they actually can’t digest bread.

Visit a Nearby Farm

Lots of local farms will be having apple- and pumpkin-picking activities, as well as selling other homemade goods for you to enjoy.

Go Hiking

It’s a great time of year to go hiking so you can admire the fall foliage.outdoor fall activities

At Paul Obaugh Ford, we are excited to see the weather cooling down. It’s the perfect time of year to take a road trip to see the changing leaves.

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