Patients Get Help to Doctors with Ford GoRide Service

Ford GoRide Service

According to a report by SCI Solutions, every year in the United States, missed doctor’s appointments and scheduling inefficiencies cost the healthcare industry $150 billion. Ford is now hoping to reduce this number with its brand-new Ford GoRide service, a non-emergency medical transport service in Southeast Michigan that can help transport patients to their doctor’s offices with ease.

Covering 200 health facilities, including nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, GoRide can be easily scheduled to make sure each patient gets to important medical appointments safely and on time. The program itself uses Ford Transit vans with flexible seating that can accommodate a range of patients, including those in wheelchairs or with other mobility challenges.

Booking transport can even happen 30 days in advance, helping remove transportation barriers for those that have limited access to a car. Each driver is also put through a training regime, allowing them to better understand how to assist patients to and from private residences; into and out of the van itself; and to and from the doctor’s office.

When the GoRide service was first piloted, it delivered its patients on-time 92% of the time with a wait time of only 10 to 30 minutes for on-demand wheelchair transport.

To learn more about this incredible service from Ford, call or visit Paul Obaugh Ford.

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