Possible Successor to the Ford GT in the Future

November 17th is becoming an increasingly more interesting date as it looms on the horizon. Ford has been releasing teasers in video form… but about what, we don’t know just yet.

Our friends at Automobile Magazine theorize that, based on what has been seen in the teaser videos, the likelihood is that the 17th will see the reveal of a successor to the Ford GT. Talk in the video has lead them to dismiss the idea of it being a new Mustang due to talk of design and aesthetics over power.


In the teaser, Raj Nair, Ford global product development chief, says, “We always wanted to capture what the vehicle needed from an engineering basis, working with design to deliver that and still have a very beautiful car.”

The timing of the car’s release would make sense if it were a successor to the GT, as 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Ford’s four consecutive wins at Le Mans with the GT40.

Paul Obaugh Ford is going to keep track of these teasers as more is revealed in the future. What does 2016 hold for Ford? We’ll keep you in the know!

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