Simple Tips and Ideas for Driving with a Cat, Long Distance

driving with a cat

Planning to take your cat on a long car trip? Make the journey a bit easier on your furry friend with these tips for driving with a cat from your friends at Paul Obaugh Ford:

  • If your cat is only used to short trips to the vet, consider taking it on slightly longer test runs leading up to the trip.
  • Be sure that your cat can stretch fully in its cat carrier, and that the carrier is strapped down tightly.
  • Plan many rest stops throughout your drive, to give your kitty some fresh air, food, and water.
  • Know your cat – if you have a skittish cat that likes to run, do not let it out of its carrier at rest stops. Just let fresh air go through the carrier.
  • Make a list of emergency vet locations along your route, just in case.
  • If you can, position your cat’s carrier so it can see you, or another loved one, for comfort.

Do you have any other ideas to make a cat happier during a long trip? Let us know what you have done in the comments.

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