Staunton Shakespearian Summer Performances

Staunton Shakespearian Summer Performances

William Shakespeare

Entertainment during the summer usually means a trip to the local movie theater to catch the latest blockbuster. However, here in Staunton, Virginia, we have another type of summer entertainment in the form of the American Shakespeare Center. Every season, the center puts on a number of different plays by the Bard for audiences to enjoy. This summer season is no exception. Don’t miss your chance to catch these Staunton Shakespearian summer performances.

King Lear

One of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, King Lear deals with the eponymous king dividing his kingdom amongst his three daughters. However, Lear’s pride soon gets him caught up in a web of deception, spun by two of his daughters and the treacherous Edmund.

Twelfth Night

Romance becomes complicated in this comedy by Shakespeare, in which the Countess Olivia falls for a young man named Cesario, who is secretly a woman named Viola in disguise. The result is numerous amusing love triangles and miscommunications.

Henry VI, Part 2

The second part of Shakespeare’s history of King Henry VI chronicles the rise of Queen Margaret, a monarch who convinces her young husband to pursue more and more power!

Make sure that you see these performances before they end. After all, parting with them is such sweet sorrow!

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