Thanksgiving Traditions to Start With Your Family

Thanksgiving traditions

It’s never too late to start a new tradition with your family, even if your kids are all grown up. At Paul Obaugh Ford, we love these Thanksgiving traditions and think you’ll enjoy them too.


Have a Thanksgiving Breakfast

We know that dinner is the big activity when it comes to the Thanksgiving holiday, but why not celebrate the day with two special meals? Just baking some pre-packaged cinnamon rolls or making pancakes with a cup of coffee on the side is the great way to gather the family for some quality time before you dive into the cooking marathon.


Use Butcher Paper Tablecloth

With a butcher paper tablecloth, kids and adults alike can have fun making doodles and writing notes in between courses. You can even encourage everyone to write a list of what they’re thankful for and then share it around the table. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy an easy cleanup!


Take a Walk

It’s nice to sit around and relax after the big meal, but why not head outside to enjoy some crisp fall air? A nice walk around the neighborhood or in a nearby park can help you combat the post-dinner fatigue and get you started on burning off the big fest you just enjoyed.

All of your friends at Paul Obaugh Ford wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

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