The all-new 2013 Ford Fusion commercials are coming at you!

Ford has released its first three all-new 2013 Ford Fusion commercials. All three commercials attempt to show how the new Ford Fusion stands out compared to the other cars in its segment.

“The competition is fierce in this segment, and it’s important that we tried something different,” said Amy Marentic, marketing manager for cars and crossovers for Ford. “We tried to use design and technology to stand out in a very crowded midsized market.” Its commercials will also reflect something a little different, she said.

The first commercial titled, “Disappearing” Ford hired Chinese artist Liu Bolin, known as “The Invisible Man” for his uncanny talent to camouflage himself in almost any situation. Bolin hand painted cars along the side of the street, making it so the Ford Fusion was the only visible car left on the road.

The second commercial is a play on the idea that there is little that the new 2013 Ford Fusion cannot do. Ford drives the new Fusion off of a cliff to demonstrate on of the few things that can’t be accomplished by the new Fusion.

And the last commercial is another play showing that the Ford Fusion is the only car moving forward while all the rest are moving backward. That is exactly what the commercial is, the 2013 Ford Fusion is driving forward while the rest are in reverse.

All three commercials are set to air this week, during prime time slots as well as during the sporting events taking place this week.

For a little inside view of how the  “Disappearing” commercial was done watch the videos below.

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