The All-new Ford Mondeo is revealed.. in Europe

I know what you’re thinking.. Ford Mondeo? What is that? I haven’t heard anything about it. Well that’s because for most of you reading this, you don’t live in Europe. but none the less we decided to talk about the all new Ford Mondeo as it is the new line of Fords to be released in the European market. But the reason its relevant to us here in the U.S. is that the Mondeo is released with three platforms, a sedan, a 5 door, and a wagon. Still you ask.. What does that have to do with us? Well let me put it this way, here is the Ford Mondeo

I can hear it now, “Whaaat?” Yep. The Ford Mondeo is essentially none other than our very own Ford Fusion. So finally you see the relevance. So the big piece of interest is that if they released a 5 Door and Wagon version of the Mondeo, does that mean that the Fusion will end up with those trims? The answer is likely not. We as Americans, tend to shy away from station wagon vehicles. But all the same, the wagon Mondeo actually has a pretty sleek look to it.  Who knows, maybe Ford will change their mind and bring the wagon over to help complete the Ford Global campaign that they are beginning to implement, and as a result the Wagon in America will make a comeback.

The biggest question is.. would you buy one?

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