The Bronco: a New Small Ford Truck on the Way

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Each year, Ford continues to raise the bar with their line of top-notch trucks, such as the best-selling F-150 line. With EcoBoost technology, the automaker manages to develop trucks that are not only powerful but also are fuel-efficient.

And now, it looks like Ford is ready to add yet another truck to their lineup.

New Small Ford Truck

New reports point out renewed public interest in smaller trucks, which are a bit closer to SUVs – a trend that Ford looks to seize. Why not? As gas prices go down, small trucks are more affordable than ever.

The small truck will be a new version of the Ford Ranger, which might possibly be called the “Bronco.” However, very few details have been confirmed at this point. Hopefully, Ford will provide us with some new details soon.

Would you like to see a new small Ford truck? Let us know what you think in the comments. And to check out a current Ford model, come visit us at Paul Obaugh Ford!

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