The Ford Mustang- History in the making.

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Its been quite a while since we talked about the Ford Mustang, and yet we still are only at the surface of the history. There is so much to talk about with this iconic sportscar that little can be left out. So lets not waste anymore time and continue our tale.

We left off last time talking of the 1966 model and how the Mustang after only being produced for two years was beginning to become one of the most sought after American vehicles of its time.

This leaves us with the 1967 Ford Mustang, which in this year saw the first ever redesign. The redesign was geared toward making the body slightly larger. The size change allowed the Mustang to handle the big block V8 engine. This new V8 engine cranked out 320 horsepower, thought there was still the option to go with the high-performance 289 horsepower V6 as well. The 1967 models also discontinued the “Pony Interior” in favor of a new deluxe interior package which contained special color options, brushed stainless steel trim, seat buttons, a tilt steering wheel, and special paneling.

Well since there was so much change for the 1968 model that it is going to take a whole section so we will halt here for now. So stay tuned till next time to see where the Pony Car- The Ford Mustang ends up next.

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