The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

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Oil ChangeWhen’s the last time you got an oil change? Chances are, regular oil changes aren’t at the top of your list of priorities—you’re busy with life’s everyday demands. Like many things, an oil change requires your valuable time and money. However, it’s more beneficial to think of regular oil changes as a way to save yourself additional time and money (and hassle) in the future.

Ignoring your check engine light or the reminder sticker on your windshield from your last oil change can have an extremely detrimental effect on your vehicle’s engine. Engines require proper lubrication and clean oil to get the job done. Neglecting regular oil changes results in wear and tear on your engine—and if you aren’t careful, your engine can fail completely.

Kelley Blue Book has made a short video, with the help of Quaker State expert John Hsu, that simplifies the reasoning behind the huge importance of regular oil changes. Check it out, below!

Take the time to make sure you’re getting your oil changes when you’re due for them. Let our expert service specialists help keep your engine healthy, and contact us at Paul Obaugh Ford about our service specials!

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