The Prius Killer? I think so. Introducing the Ford C-MAX Hybrid.

The Ford C-MAX Hybrid will be available this fall and there’s a buzz building for many reasons, but perhaps the “buzziest” is that it’s projected to achieve 47 mpg city! That’s 3 mpg more than the Toyota Prius. And the projected $25,995 base price is less than the base price of a Prius.

Ford plans to launch a dedicated line of hybrid vehicles, and the C-MAX Hybrid is the first to reach the lots. With 47 mpg city, and 44 mpg highway, the 188 HP engine will carry you 500-plus miles, again beating the Prius V and Prius, which comes in at a projected 134 HP.

The five-seater C-MAX Hybrid makes power from a combo of gasoline engine and battery-driven electric motor. When powered by gasoline, the C-MAX Hybrid uses the all-new 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine – a powerful and fuel-efficient engine and among the most advanced non-turbocharged four-cylinder powertrains Ford has ever offered. The new Brake Coach feature helps optimize use of the braking system, coaching you to brake in a manner that maximizes the amount of energy returned through the regenerative braking system. Redesigned imagery of green leaves shows overall driving efficiency – as you improve your efficient driving, you are rewarded with more leaves.

C-MAX Hybrid also offers technologies such as a hands-free liftgate, active park assist and the next-generation SmartGauge® with EcoGuide, which is designed to help you get the most from the C-MAX Hybrid, by providing information such as instantaneous fuel economy to help closely monitor how your driving behavior affects efficiency.

The C-MAX Hybrid beats out the Prius V, by offering 99.7 cubic feet of passenger space compared to the Prius V’s 97 cubic feet.

So finally there is a car that not only looks better than the Prius, but beats it in many other ways such as fuel economy, passenger space, and engine size. Could this be the end of the Prius? We can only hope.

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