The Random Acts of Fusion

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What do you get when you put together Ryan Seacrest, Joel McHale, and 100 all-new 2013 Ford Fusions? The answer would be the most Random Acts of Fusion you could ever imagine. And that’s exactly what you can expect all over the U.S. Ford has teamed up with this incredible duo, allowing them to drive around 100 all-new 2013 Ford Fusions to random cities all over the U.S. Each time they stop in a city you have a chance to win multiple prizes, vacations, and discounts to stores wherever the Fusion is sitting. So get ready for some Random Acts of Fusion near you.

There are currently two vacation giveaways going on, in order to enter for these you must visit the website, follow the rules, and keep checking back for your chance. One vacation give away, Seacrest and McHale want to know what your worst vacation moment was, and if you have the best moment, Ford will send you a 2013 Ford Fusion and send you to either Jackson Hole, Wyoming or Santa Barbara, California! Check the site for more details and entry rules. Hurry cause you only four more days to enter!! The other vacation giveaway is more of a competition driven on between McHale and Seacrest. The contest involves you getting a cutout version of the 2013 Ford Fusion and placing it in your hometown’s most interesting features and making a video about it. If your video makes it then you get your chance to travel to either Ryan Seacrests hometown Atlanta, GA or Joel McHale’s hometown of Seattle, WA! But you better hurry this contest ends tomorrow!

The best part is that even after these two are over, you will have a chance to enter other vacation give-aways. So don’t worry you haven’t missed them all.

The “Pop-Up Acts” as they are being called involve the 2013 Ford Fusion “Popping-up” in random cities across the U.S. and allow for such discounts as free coffee when the Fusion is parked outside the shop. They will also be “Popping-up” at random festivals and events that will be happening in your town and helping get people in to the events on them! You can also visit the website in order to nominate your city to be one that the 2013 Ford Fusion comes to.

With so many ways to win and get discounts there should be enough Random Acts of Fusion to go around. So keep your eyes open for one of the 2013 Ford Fusions, you never know it could be your chance to win. For the whole story of how this came to be as well as all contest details visit the website . Who knows, with a little creativity and luck, you could be the next big winner!

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